Kim Kardashian Straightens North West's Natural Curly Hair, And The Internet Isn't Happy About It

Kim Kardashian went out with her eldest child North of late, and while photos surfacing showed the kid enjoying her time, fans noticed something odd about her: her hair was straightened.

A day before North turned 5, she and mom went out for some fun date. The little fashionable girl wore a pink Adidas tracksuit and her mommy, an all-black ensemble paired with thigh-high black boots. As much as it was an enjoyable day for Kardashian and her daughter, people noticed something was amiss on the little girl's hair.

No, it wasn't her neon pink tracksuit that got the attention of the fans but her locks. Kardashian immediately drew flak for her daughter's hair during the outing, noticeably straightened as it was pulled up to a high ponytail a la Ariana Grande. Of course, many of the reality family fans would know that North naturally has cute curls, which were always shown in social media posts.

But while most of the time North's curls were celebrated, many took ill of the child's latest hairstyle, slamming the KKW Beauty owner for straightening out the girl's natural textured hair. Angered, unamused fans took to social media to air their concern and disapproval over what Kardashian decided to do.

Social Media Uproar

"North West is still a baby and has straight hair. I know we all had straight hair too at that age but it's 2018! The enlightened YouTube era!" @NaturallyTiss wrote, and which was echoed by many.

Many pointed out how North is just 5 and yet her hair has undergone such treatment, loudly voicing out their concern of the damage it can do to her hair. Moreover, there are those who slammed Kardashian, encouraging her to let the kid embrace her natural curly hair.

Meanwhile, there are others who found the critics' harsh judgements against Kardashian unnecessary precisely because she is the mother and she is entitled do anything she wants to North's hair. Furthermore, there are some who explained that the 37-year-old may have just done it since it was a special occasion, much like how other people want something different from the usual in some special events.

In the past, however, Kardashian revealed how North was "obsessed" with her natural curly hair, and when the girl sees others who have the same textured locks as hers, she beams with excitement. The wife of Kanye West even underlined how she wanted to help her child embrace her natural hair, so much so that the mom of three learned how to take care and style the kid's locks.

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