People know fruits and vegetables have countless health benefits. Yes, those bland-tasting, slimy greens on the table that hated being dunked in oil or be heated in the microwave are the same food groups that have a lot of advantages and beneficial effects to one's skin and body.

There have been several research and articles posted about what these particular foods are and what they are made of. Basically, anything fresh and organic is good for the skin and makes one's body fit and healthy.

Most studies and research, however, have been focusing on the skin alone - how to make it smooth, white, and soft. Soybeans, green tea, spinach, and fish rich in omega 3 are only a few of the items that are included in the list of the best foods that will give a natural glow to the skin, prevents wrinkles and removes dead skin. A person who loves eating spicy foods has a good chance of having a younger looking skin and loses weight because red peppers actually contain more vitamin C than oranges that is rich in antioxidants and essential in producing collagen.

But as the saying goes, "we are what we eat". It turns out these foods are also advantageous to one's hair, nails, and teeth. Drinking green tea, eating cheese and cashews, chewing celery and rubbing strawberries will apparently make one's teeth strong, white and clean. Mackerel, broccoli, raw cacao, chia and pumpkin seeds are great ingredients to strengthen, moisturize and encourage the growth of the nails. Eating protein like salmon, oysters, poultry, cheese, and spinach are the secret to a shinier, thicker and stronger hair.

Though for sure, salons are very capable of nurturing and making one's skin, hair and nails look pretty and immaculate, they are not to take the whole credit alone. A huge part of this can be attributed to the kind of food the body eats and consume.

Therefore one need not worry about skipping a trip to the salon because it appears that feasting on cheese can already fill in the job.