Michelle Obama Sports Natural Hair While On Vacation

The former First Lady of the United States is known for being an advocate for education as well as women empowerment, and it is not surprising to see her being an inspiration to many. However, one thing about Michelle Obama that many have noticed is that she was never seen sporting her natural hair, until this week.

Barack and Michelle Obama have been enjoying their vacation post Obama's presidency. The couple are seen smiling and worry-free during their holiday.

This week, Michelle Obama was seen having her natural hair in a low ponytail and a gray with polka dot bandana during her vacation. The Huffington Post reported that Barack Obama is currently writing his memoir in the French Polynesian islands and living a low-profile life.

The photo then quickly spread on the internet after posted by a Twitter user @meagnacarta. Unsurprisingly, everyone reacts crazily about Michelle Obama letting her natural hair out, especially since her hair had always been seen straight during the eight years of the Obama administration. The reactions are mostly positive with people praising Obama for rocking her natural hair. Especially with the perception of beauty redefinition movement, Michelle Obama is again, being an inspiration to many.

But despite having no natural, textured hairstyle in the public eye for the past eight years, this is actually not the first time Michelle Obama is rocking her natural hair. InStyle reported that she was seen with her natural curls for her graduation at Princeton University.

Her hairstylist also revealed that Michelle Obama has been having her hair all natural in years. Johnny Wright, a celebrity hairstylist told the Root that the former First Lady of the United States has had her hair straightened by flat iron.

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