Kim Kardashian Is Rocking Blue-Black Hair For Yeezy Season 8

Kim Kardashian is reigning supreme in hair color experiments. She had gone from pink to blonde, and the latest is the blue-black that she sported for Yeezy Season 8.

This Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is feeling blue, not metaphorically but literally. As everyone can see, she has chosen quite a color for her locks of late when she modeled new pieces from the Yeezy Season 8. It seemed that blue-black is the color to beat.

For A Yeezy Shoot

Of course, this is thanks to her stylist, Chris Appleton, who have teased that "something is coming" before Kardashian's blue-black hair saw light, so he was clearly referencing to the client's new locks. The 37-year-old was photographed in Los Angeles for a shoot for her husband's Yeezy line.

Kardashian's black-blue hair is to match her outfits during the shoot, and that totally explains why she opted for a gothic, straight-out-of-a-comic-book hue. In one photo, the mom of three can be seen rocking a long-sleeve crop top, blue leggings, a matching thigh-high boots. Of course, her luscious locks made her look like she was a heroine of some sort.

Another picture posted by Appleton on Instagram showed Kardashian in an all-orange ensemble. She matched this look with dark orange sock boots and oversized shades. Of course the KKW Beauty owner is showcasing her love for athleisure style, as she has been seen all week upholding her support for her husband's collection.

On Tuesday, she wore spandex suit topped with a puffer jacket as well as biker shorts and paired the look with a metallic thigh-high boots. Of course, Kardashian wore again her oversized shades. She can be mistaken as someone who has time-traveled from the future, thanks to her futuristic style.

Monday was no different for Kardashian, who wore spandex. She was even pictured with her sister Kylie Jenner, who seemed to complement her older sister's look.

Of the hair, it is still unknown whether Kardashian will choose to stay with the blue-black hair color after modeling for her husband's Yeezy collection. InStyle pointed out it might be temporary, calling it out as a wig.

As mentioned, she had tried a lot of colors in the past. Who would forget Kardashian's pink hair after she said she was done with her blonde locks? At the time, some people claimed it was a wig after the change arrived so quickly, and she denounced this by saying she was not a fan of wigs.

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