Watch Woman's Hair Falling Out In Wads, And Find Out How To Keep It From Happening To You

A viral video of a woman whose hair kept falling while being treated had everyone cringing. But what exactly happened?

First off, the context of the matter. It was uploaded by healthy_hair_journey, which posts beautiful hair transformations on Instagram. The video showed a woman's hair being treated, possibly with a relaxer, on the street and the other person, who's combing her locks, hands her chunks of her hair as the treatment was done. 

It has gone terribly wrong, to say the least, and is probably one of a woman's worst hair nightmares. To some, the hair is the crowning glory and anything bad happening to it can cause anxiety. But imagine being the woman in the clip and it certainly won't be the greatest picture anyone can imagine.

There are loads of hair mistakes on the internet, such as burnt portions no thanks to straighteners set too high, or gums that get stuck that in the end, will just be cut. So the video is ultimately hard to watch, as the disaster kept unfolding.

No To Double Process

Porscha Weeks of B.A.P.S. Hair Salon explains how the unimaginable may have happened to the woman. First, she pointed out that the woman may be double processing her hair, a big no-no when one wants healthy tresses, as she looked like she just dyed her hair. Layering of chemicals might be OK when one still has virgin or untouched hair. 

"When you double process, that's when things go wrong. The hair gets thin and dry and then it just comes off," she stressed.

The woman looked like she dyed her hair first before using a relaxer, the sequence that is not just wrong, but also could prove harmful for the hair. What's noticeably wrong in the clip as well, aside from the fact that the one who's applying it is laughing as the chunks of hair are easily being pulled, is that the chemical is being applied starting from the roots.

One common misconception when using these kinds of products is that to give off a natural looking vibe, roots are colored as well by putting chemicals straight into the roots and worse, into the scalp, too. This should only be done for retouches, meaning when the virgin hair started to grow and the natural color is too far from the remaining dyed hair.

Last, the woman held her fallen hair (with chemicals) with her bare hands. This just exposed her skin to harmful elements, and she would feel this in just a matter of time.

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