Most of us remember to take a little extra care of our skin in the winter, but unfortunately, we often neglect the changing needs of our hair during the cooler climates. 

Dry, cold air outside and dry heat inside can quickly become a nightmare for your hair if you don't prepare for, and take care of your tresses through the harsh winter.

According to prominent hair science expert, Dr. Alan Bauman, there are 3 all too common winter hair mistakes - but thankfully, they are easily avoidable!

Over-Drying Your Hair - Not only does your skin dry out when the weather turns cold, so does your hair. Using blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers without any kind of heat protectant will lead to dry, damaged hair.

The right conditioners put back the moisture that can be lost during shampooing, styling.  They can also protect against UV, which is not just a summertime concern!

Washing Your Hair Too Much/Not Enough - It is the classic hair conundrum, how often should I wash my hair?

This answer would depend on whether you are prone to have oily or dry hair and scalp and what kind of hair you have (curly vs. straight, thick vs. thin). Keep in mind, excessive washing can mean more time styling, putting your hair at increased risk of damage. 

Taking Too Many Hot Showers - While few things are better than a hot shower on a cold morning, unfortunately, heat in all forms, has the potential to hurt your hair.

The good news is, this one has an easy fix, keep the dial on warm instead of hot and cut down on the time in the shower. You'd be surprised what a difference 15 minutes can make!

Ready to make that hair care change to your winter routine? Tell us below!