Demi Lovato got an impromptu haircut before hitting the orange carpet. The songstress decided to cut off her hair and it turned out amazing.

The haircut is not even a few inches shorter. It is at least 12 inches haircut and the hairstylist supported this by posting a picture of Demi Lovato's cut hair on the ground which is followed by the aftermath result, with a caption "The big chop" as reported by Refinery29.

The new haircut was revealed when Demi Lovato was on the red carpet, according to Teen Vogue. The lob haircut is totally distinct to her previous long, wavy hairstyle. Her old long hair gave the mermaid hairstyle look, thanks to the hair extensions, creating more feminine, elegant vibe. Meanwhile, her shorter current hairdo that complemented with caramel highlight would make her look more energetic and fresher, and it is suitable for the upcoming warm season.

According to Hollywood Life, Demi has been seen with short hair previously. However, ever since she started the Future Now tour with Nick Jonas, she has been keeping her hair grow. When she was having long hair, she would go from the wavy hair to the 70's long sleek hair.

But her getting a fresh haircut in the last minute before the award show began did not save her from any mishaps. While the hair disaster did not come from the hairstylist or during the red carpet, it was from the surprise slime shot on stage.

The Kid's Choice Awards is known for this show tradition when celebrities would get hit by gooey green slime unexpectedly. While Demi Lovato did not seem prepared, she got it anyway. Huffington Post reported that her fresh gown and flawless makeup got ruined right away, as the singer smiled on stage after presenting the new "Smurf" movie.

Watch the epic slime attack on Kid's Choice Awards here: