From lip coats to highlighters, Lime Crime is set to complete their unicorn product collection by launching their Unicorn Hair dyes. The beauty cult favorite brand has reportedly completed developing their newest product addition.

Taking about three years of product development, as reported in PopSugar, Lime Crime founder Doe Deere reveals that she has been "using her own hair" as inspiration for their newest hair dyes. Unicorn Hair is composed of 13 rainbow colored semi-permanent hair dyes. Although there have been no reports yet for the product launch schedule, the unicorn hair dyes have been posted on the brand's website and social media.

As cited in the report, colors include baby pink, light green, stone gray, and vivid orange to name a few with fun names such as Salad for the light green one and Leeloo which was said to be a tribute for The Fifth Element's Milla Jovovich. Lime Crime has also maintained true to its commitment as their hair dyes are also reported to be cruelty-free and vegan. It also comes in two formulas which are full coverage for those who wants rich pigmented hair and tint which are for platinum blonds. The product will retail for $16.

Other than the hair dyes, in a Beauty World News report, Lime Crime is also set to release new additional shades for their Diamond Crushers top coat collection. This product which will also turn your lips into a unicorn with its metallic shades can be worn alone or over lipstick. The brand's top coats are said to be non-drying and smudging and are not to be confused with to be a regular lip gloss.

New Lime Crime lipstick shades are namely Cleopatra, Acid Fairy, and Black Unicorn which are a "rose gold" shade, a holographic shade, and a shimmering shade respectively. Diamond Crushers top coat retails for $19 each and will also come in a "Black Unicorn bundle" that will include all the new lip coat shades to retail for $40. Both of the products was said to be available on the brand's website soon.

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