Kim Kardashian Wears Cornrows To MTV Movie & TV Awards, Gets Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Kim Kardashian's MTV Movie & TV Awards attendance became controversial yet again after she donned cornrows, something she was previously slammed for as well.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has stirred another controversy with her latest appearance, and the expected reactions stemmed from how she chose to style her hair for the star-studded event. The KKW Beauty mogul opted to wear a white sleeveless top and a silver skirt with a high slit that were both from Versace.

Social Media Uproar

She noticeably graced the event without accessories, but she might probably have let her hair do its job of topping off the look. Kardashian's cornrows immediately earned her flak, with some accusing her of cultural appropriation.

Many have called her out on social media, with some saying that despite Kardashian's knowledge of what she's getting herself into, she still continued to start a public debate anew. Others simply found her disrespectful for what she did.

"The most annoying part is that at this point she knows what she's doing, she knows what cultural appropriation is and that it upsets people yet she still chooses to do it because she knows it doesn't upset the right ppl or cost her $$," @bigbrownqueer pointed out.

For this, Kardashian has yet to address her haters. Clearly, she's been keeping her silence over the controversy she had reearthed. Others speculate she did this to get a loud buzz because she's trying to pay homage to Beyonce, who sported the same hairstyle in her "Formation" music video, or that she's trying to steal attention from Jay-Z and his wife, who just dropped their album.

First Swing

With the 37-year-old, she might have not given a care to what the people have to say. After all, this wasn't the first time Kardashian drew the ire of the people for her cornrows. Earlier this year, people blasted the then-blonde mom for donning the braids.

During the time, she noted her inspiration for the look was Bo Derek in 1979's 10. People have already then expressed their concerns loud and clear, and again, some touted the act as cultural appropriation. Kardashian downright showed she couldn't care less through the caption in another post.

"Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks," she wrote at the time, referencing the iconic line from the film.

Now with her MTV Movie & TV Awards, it is pretty clear that she had seen the harsh comments coming. Moreover, Kardashian is showing she's not up for the haters as she chose to have cornrows again. Well, people better brace themselves as it is likely that the mom of three will do this again.

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