Keke Palmer just gave a piece of advice that everyone did not know they need after feeling embarrassed about her own hair.

The 24-year-old actress took to social media to empower people with hair insecurities citing her own experience and how she realized that what she did wrong. Fans of Palmer would know that she shaved her hair off last year to a buzzcut and even colored it purple.

She's currently growing it out in Budapest, where she's filming for the series Berlin Station. It was also where she had seen a friend, Palmer narrated. During the incidence, the Scream Queens actress admitted that she felt embarrassed that her friend saw her "hair in its natural state."

While she revealed she got embarrassed of her mane, she denounced what she had done and explained that she should have never been embarrassed of what God had made her to be. She further clarified that it won't be a problem if it's her craft that pushes for a need of wig and extension, describing it as "fun."

However, as much as she remained flexible of what her profession entails, she stressed that she had to do a self-check after what happened, hinting she sometimes feel uncomfortable despite her beliefs. Palmer said she felt she wasn't "dressed" after being spotted without a wig.

"To all my girls out there, we are beautiful at all times but ESPECIALLY in our natural state!!" she reminded women.

Yara Shahidi, Lupita Nyong'o

Palmer's call for the love of natural hair echoes a lot of celebrities' stance. Yara Shahidi, for one, lets her mane be beautifully showcased in Grown-ish. The teen has been vocal when it comes to her love of her textured locks and even shared that the show is a great avenue to showcase her curls.

Lupita Nyong'o, Black Panther actress, meanwhile, made her voice heard when her cover for Grazia magazine showed that her hair was edited. Her thoughts on embracing her natural hair dates back to when she was a child who was teased for it, though of course, she is now loud and proud of her locks.

Speaking of receiving backlash because of altering the natural hair, Kim Kardashian received a lot of comments after her daughter North was spotted with a straight hair. People pointed out that she was too young to have her hair straightened.

However, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star pointed out that it was the request of her daughter for her 5th birthday. The KKW Beauty owner further said that she was for embracing her child's natural textured hair.