Demi Lovato Has A New Tattoo, And There's A Special Meaning Behind It
Demi Lovato recently released her song 'Sober,' which talked about relapsing and apologizing to people who matter. A day after, she and her team got a matching tattoo on their pinky finger.
Here's How To Remove Gel Nail Polish On Your Own At Home
Removing gel polish doesn't always require a visit in the nail salon. One can do it safely and conveniently at the comfort of the home with the things that can also be found lying around the house.
Rihanna Just Posted The Next Fenty Beauty Products On Instagram: A New Palette, Liquid Eyeliner, And More
New Fenty Beauty products are coming in hot on July 6, but fans who want to get a hold of the product earlier than the others may visit the pop-up shops before the end of the month.
Linda Wells' Flesh Beauty Line Consists Of 12 Products, Offers 96 Shades
Linda Wells has launched the Flesh Beauty line that currently boasts of 12 products that come in many shades. The stick foundation, for example, comes in 40 shades that promise quality.
Here's How To Shape Your Face Using Blush
Just like in contouring, face shape can also be considered when it comes to blush. While there are many preferred ways in applying this makeup, putting it in the right areas will greatly help in sealing the look.
Lili Reinhart Reveals How She Applies Her Fresh-Faced Makeup
Fans of 'Riverdale' star Lili Reinhart finally shared the secrets behind her glowy, fresh makeup look. The end result is perfect for everyday as it is light and easy to do.
Pride 2018: Marc Jacobs Wears All The Colors Of The Rainbow
Marc Jacobs just launched a campaign, dubbed as #GratefulNotHateful, in celebration of Pride Month. Apart from tapping several people who also support the cause, he will be donating $100,000 to LGBTQ charities.
Amber Rose's Inclusive Simply Be Collection Is Out
Amber Rose recently launched her Simply Be Edited by Amber Rose collection, a collaboration with the clothing brand. It boasts 25 clothes that are available from sizes 6 to 32.
Naomie Harris, Natalie Dormer, Jessie Ware, And More Look Fab At Tiffany Party
Naomie Harris, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jessie Ware, and Natalie Dormer are just a few names of those who graced the recently plush Tiffany party. It was the launch of the infamous brand's Paper Flower Collection.
Rihanna Wears White Eyeliner At The Louis Vuitton Show, And It Could Be The Next Fenty Beauty Product
After fans predicted that Rihanna was wearing new Fenty Beauty products during the premiere of 'Ocean's 8,' people again wondered if she's wearing yet-to-be-released items during the recent Louis Vuitton show. Her white eyeliner specifically gained traction.
Milk Makeup's New Kush Brow Gel Is Infused With CBD Oil
After the success of its mascara, Milk Makeup is launching the Kush Brow Gel that is also infused with cannabidiol. Along with this element found in cannabis, it is also made up of panthenol and heart-shaped fibers.
Why Women Should Wake Up Early: Study Finds Early Birds Are Less Prone To Depression
A recent study found that women who wake up early is less likely to get depressed. The study was done on more than 32,000 female nurses who were followed and monitored for years.
Becca's Vague Reply To Customer Keeps People From Using Its Highlighter Near Their Eyes
Fans of Becca's beloved pressed highlighters are starting to worry after one tried to ask the brand if it's safe to use as an eyeshadow. The vague reply left more questions than answers.
Here's Kim Kardashian's Response To The Fulani Braids Backlash
Kim Kardashian is responding to the harsh comments thrown at her after sporting Fulani braids in the recent MTV Movie & TV Awards. She said that it was actually a matching hairstyle with her daughter, North.
Did Kylie Cosmetics Just Rip Off Anastasia Beverly Hills?
Kylie Jenner recently teased the latest creation, Sorta Sweet Palette, of her eponymous brand. However, makeup junkies quickly noticed how it seemed to be like the Anastasia Beverly Hills' Soft Glam Palette.
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