More and more people are opting for gel polish rather than the regular ones primarily because the former lasts longer. However, as much as it's durable, it also is a pain to remove it.

Gel polishes are more economical than the common, regular ones because these are more indestructible and can last for a while. Nail polishes, meanwhile, would often require touch-ups and will just last for a shorter period, hence, it is ideal to go with the craze.

However, gel polish is both a boon and a bane. People who want to casually change their nail colors should always go to the salon to have it removed. They have long been facing the struggle of painstakingly removing it from their nails on their own. But, there is an ultimate do-it-yourself of removing it at home.

DIY Gel Polish Removal

First thing's first, this process needs to be done in a well-ventilated area, which means that it can be done near the window where air can pass through. This is because acetone is a chemical one wouldn't want to inhale. Second, removing gel polish should be done during free time as it cannot be rushed.

The things needed are acetone, aluminum foil, cuticle oil/coconut oil, cotton balls, nail file, and a nail groomer/stick. Start by taking the nail file and rubbing the coarse part onto the nail until the shine is gone. It is important that the top layer will be scraped off, but it is also essential not to overdo it or else the real nails might take the brunt.

The second step is to protect the skin. This step shouldn't be skipped because one will be dealing with acetone which could be harmful to the skin when exposed for a long period. Get the cuticle oil and apply to the skin surrounding the nails as well as the fingers for an assurance against drying.

Third, soak the cotton balls in acetone. Tracylee, manicurist for celebrities, explained that balls will work better than pads because the former is closer to the nail shape. Place the soaked balls on top of the nails with gel polish.

Get aluminum foil and wrap each finger with the cotton balls laying on top of each nail. This will secure the cotton ball right into place and will easily remove the gel polish off the nails. This needs to be in place for 10 to 15 minutes, so watching TV or Netflix might be a bit of help to pass time.

After which, remove the foil from each finger. Then, slightly apply pressure on the cotton ball before sliding it off the nails. One can notice that the gel polish comes off with the ball. However, there are instances when there will be stubborn gel leftovers, and that's where the nail groomer is for.

Carefully use the nail stick/groomer to lift the remaining gel polish. But if the whole gel polish didn't come off, it may be that the acetone wasn't strong enough or that one needs to soak the nails a little longer.

The final step is as important as the second. It is vital to moisturize the skin and the nails to restore hydration after a long time of removing gel polish by soaking with acetone. Try using the cuticle oil for the nail beds, but prior to this, soak it in coconut oil for five minutes.