Linda Wells' Flesh Beauty Line Consists Of 12 Products, Offers 96 Shades

Linda Wells, Revlon's chief creative officer and the former editor and founder of beauty magazine Allure, has just released her makeup line called Flesh Beauty.

First, the name. Wells' newest creation is dubbed as such because it can be traced to the history-rich controversial crayon. Gone are the days when famous crayons brand Crayola used "flesh" to pertain to one of the colors in the set, as it had changed the name to "peach" long ago.

"[T]his is the idea of flesh color being every color of skin — the color of your skin. We want to change that idea by changing the whole color assortment of flesh," Wells explained.


Now, it seemed that brands are trying their best to cater to all by pushing for inclusivity through their products. For clothes, this meant offering pieces for a whole range of sizes; shoes with wider straps or bigger soles; and for makeups, that meant bringing in the market a whole lot of shades.

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty may be the first brand that pops into mind when it comes to inclusivity, but Wells' new launch of 12 products with a total of 96 shades may just level or surpass the mentioned brand. Flesh Beauty boasts 40 shades of its Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation, which sells for $18 each.

There are loads of makeup brands that are out to offer a lot of shades, but Wells explained that it's not about quantity but rather quality. She further pointed out that there are other brands that come in many shades but aren't actually good, which don't just leave an unsatisfying feeling but also are actually a waste of money.

With that, Wells put much effort in bringing a stick foundation. Now for this kind of product, it is usually expected to cake through time or even get ashy, but with Flesh Beauty, she said that she worked tirelessly in making sure this foundation can be as portable as ever, would work well with every skin tone, and will not be ashy.

Other Products

With that, another product under the Flesh Beauty is the Fresh Face Illuminating Primer for $32 that moisturizes and hydrates the skin. For the glowy look, the Touch Flesh Highlighting Balm is available for just $18 apiece. This highlighting stick comes in four shades.

There is also a liquid highlighter, the $28-Ripe Flesh Glisten Drop in four shades that can be mixed with other cosmetics, and a highlighting powder, Flesh to Flesh Highlighting Powder that comes in six shades for $28.

Other products are the Tender Flesh Blush in eight shades and the Fleshpot Eye & Cheek Gloss. There is also the Fleshcolor Eye Shadow Palette for $38 that has nine pans of metallic, matte, and satin finish. There are many choices for the pout too.

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