Glossier is not turning a deaf ear to its underwhelmed customers, and it finally is reformulating its Perfecting Skin Tint. Moreover, it promises more shades for everyone's needs soon.

Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint is no doubt one of the market's favorite foundation, and it promises that it can even out discolorations and make the skin dewy yet smooth. It has gained quite a following since the brand was launched in 2014, but that also means that there would be more room for feedback, which in turn will be useful in making more quality products. Case in point, the original formulation of the product has received a lot of comments with regard to its effectiveness.

Glossier knows how to listen to its loyal customers, who might be airing their concerns about the Perfecting Skin Tint for quite a while now, and the company finally decided it's high time to reformulate the beauty product. That's not the only change that's happening with it. The item only comes in five shades, so basically, not everybody who wants to try the magic of the product can actually find the perfect shade for them.

Fret not. Via a Reddit forum MakeupAddiction, the good news has been shared. In the email, Glossier said it has updated its formulation for the Perfecting Skin Tint while retaining some good elements from the original one.

Allure verified this email with Glossier, and it is indeed real. The reformulation also comes with a promo code for those who just bought the original mix in the past month, so customer service gets a thumbs-up. The company further stressed that it has worked with some of the kinks of the product without compromising its quality.

"We've added an updated pigment treatment, an improved film-form technology (to create a soft, hydrating veil on skin), cork oak for a breathable barrier that works to prevent water loss, an updated blend of oils (rich in the omega fatty acids Linoleic and Ricinoleic), and an updated preservative system," Glossier stated.

More Shades

Furthermore, Glossier is one to uphold its promise of inclusivity. Like other brands, which aim to push the boundaries in championing diversity, this company's Perfecting Skin Tint will soon be releasing new shades.

How soon will that be? It will happen next year. While that may sound like a long time from now, customers can just enjoy the newly formulated Perfecting Skin Tint. There is still no word on the number of shades to be released.