Pat McGrath Is Bringing Skin Fetish Back As Part Of Her Unlimited Collection

Makeup artist Pat McGrath certainly knows how to address the loud clamor of her fans as she brings back her Skin Fetish line as part of her Unlimited collection.

McGrath, who was touted as the most influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue last year, started her makeup line three years ago, and one of her line's most in-demand were the Skin Fetish products. Sadly, the then-limited editions had to say goodbye to the public early after racks and shelves were scraped clean of the products.

The 53-year-old's products has been religiously nabbed by consumers and so it has reached the cult status over the years. That said, McGrath's Skin Fetish line's rise from the dead is only a fitting comeback as part of the "Unlimited" (read: permanent) collection.

McGrath's Skin Fetish line, launched in March 2016, originally were included in highlighting kits. These kits included a dual-ended/balm, some metallic powders, and a brush, and to summarize this, it was a big hit as it had easily sold out. But as much as this was fan-favorite, the makeup artist only restocked once.

So the latest news is not only a good one, but is also a welcome blessing to beauty junkies. More than that, the Skin Fetish Collection is getting a revamp on its design, now a gold and white packaging. The line will consist of 10 products.

"It's the same divine Skin Fetish formula but dressed up," McGrath explained.

Skin Fetish Products

The dual-ender, one a highlighter and the other end a balm, will be released with the original shades, Nude and Golden, and another one will be added: Bronze. This newest hue addition did not debut along with the two as it needed to be perfected by McGrath's team, which meant working to achieve the best hue that can be blended with the other shades.

"Each of the formulas in the palette had to be different so you could customize. The Bronze, for instance, is very blingy, and the Gold is very surreal, and I would say the Nude is more like a subliminal, virtual reality-kind of shine," McGrath said.

This might be what separates McGrath's highlighters from the rest of the brands out there. The Skin Fetish Collection enables one to attain varying levels of glow by experimenting with the shades altogether.

Moreover, the Iridescent Pink and Fine Gold powders then packaged in compacts and belong to a kit are going to be placed in one palette with a bronze hue called the Bronze Nectar. The brush is heading to see light as well as it returns with the collection. Lastly, the Lip Fetish balm gets an additional four shades, Bronze Astral, Nude Astral, Gold Astral, and the VR Pink Astral.

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