The recently held Louis Vuitton show saw Rihanna wearing white eyeliner. While plain eyes may see the act as an unusual yet beautiful move, fans of Fenty Beauty tout this as a tease of a potentially new product.

The Louis Vuitton show, which was a debut for Virgil Abloh as the newly installed artistic director, had a lot of fresh looks and cool-to-the-eyes ensemble from the attendees. While there were a lot of fashionable guests that range from the fashion industry's who's who to famous celebrities, many took note of Rihanna, who went all-white.

Rihanna stunned in a white jumpsuit, heels, and sunglasses, but more than this, people noticed how she opted for a white cat eye than the usual black one, which really worked well for her. But for those who know the Barbadian singer, she's just full of surprises.

Unreleased Product