Singer and actress Rihanna celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday and also give some hints on her upcoming and highly anticipated makeup line, Fenty Beauty, which is scheduled for the debut in this fall. Although, there isn't much known about the beauty line other than the "Good Girl Gone Bad" singer's search for a global makeup artist, there are certain things identified on the cosmetics Instagram page, including the list of products which will be featured in Fenty Beauty Cosmetics.

The Holographic Lipstick: As reported by US Magazine, this is the first product in the Fenty Beauty lineup, which surely sounds incredibly wild. However, the bigger dig is that the much-anticipated lipstick may already be in existence as it debuted at the last Fenty show with a teaser "Stay tuned for more."

The Brow Pencils: Another very much expected beauty product that may line up in the Barbarian singer's new collection would be a fierce eyebrow pencil or powder. Everybody knows her love for experimentation with the eyebrows.

The lit from within Bronzers: The beautiful singer is known to master many things, including her sun-kissed glow, which could be the cause of her roots or her bronzer. Fans eagerly wish to associate with her charm by bringing some shimmering sunshine in their lives.

The perfume: Rihanna's makeup lineup would seem empty if it doesn't include a perfume. One can also expect of an exquisitely charming and intoxicating perfume that would give their appearance a flourishing aroma.

As stated by Stuff, the Umbrella singer uploaded a video on her Instagram account, where she talked about her latest venture. "As you may already know, I am currently working on a new line of beauty products, Fenty Beauty, and I truly can't wait for you guys to see the products I am working on. I am very excited about it," said Rihanna. Well, seeing her enthusiasm, the level of excitement among her fans would have surely crossed the skies.