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Milk Makeup's New Kush Brow Gel Is Infused With CBD Oil

ByJulia Manuel
Jun 22, 2018 10:38 PM EDT

Milk Makeup, the brains behind cannabidiol-infused Kush Mascara, is heading toward the brow game as it launches the Kush Brow Gel, which also has the same element.

While cannabidiol (CBD), found in cannabis, may be hard to relate to cosmetics, Milk Makeup certainly found a useful way for the controversial product. Its Kush Mascara, claimed to be vegan, is made with CBD oil and heart-shaped fibers.

According to the brand, CBD is a good conditioning agent. That said, it is only fair and logical that they use it again for another product, this time for the Kush Brow Gel. The newest release of Milk Makeup also has the heart-shaped fibers that will leave brows thick and full.

Of course, it would be a great product if it would not just serve just one purpose. Milk Makeup also infused the Kush Brow Gel with CBD oil for conditioning purposes, leaving the final look a more natural feel.

Gone are the days when brow gels make the brows dry as well as stiff, and that's thanks to this nourishing element. That's not all, the product also has panthenol, which would leave one's brows not only nourished, but also moisturized.

Milk Makeup Kush Brow Gel is available in three shades. There is the Dutch, for medium to dark hairs; Haze, perfect for blondes and light-colored hairs; and Grind, for black-brown hairs. Meanwhile, there is also Hydro, the clear product that is perfect for those who just want healthier, thicker brows.


Allure, which tested the product, said that a little goes a long way for this brow gel. A little and light stroke with the spoolie will leave one's brows already thicker-looking than the usual. Furthermore, it will quickly leave noticeably darker brows.

"If you're into thicker-looking brows and too lazy to painstakingly draw on hairline strokes, Kush Brow Gel is a great express brow definer," the reviewer said.

Unlike other brow gels that needed retouching with a pencil to define shape and to fill in, the Milk Makeup Kush Brow Gel can just do this with the tip of the applicator. However, as expected, it would not be as neat and as perfect as when it's done with a pencil. Nonetheless, it is a useful product that one can use for defining with ample time and control.

As for its conditioning property the product boasts, it's probably hard to tell with one use. Although many brow products would feel stiff and dusty after hours of wear, the Milk Makeup Kush Brow Gel maintains the wonders of when it was freshly applied. It will be available on June 26 for $18.

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