Here's Why Maybelline's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation Is The Top Seller On The Drugstore Scene

Everybody knows how hard it is to find the perfect foundation, let alone drugstore products since these can't be opened. What remains to be hyped about is the Maybelline's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation, this year's touted best-selling so far.

Beauty product junkies would know the struggles in the search for the foundation because there are a lot of things to consider, such as the skin tone, coverage, finish, and so many more. The recent claim of the brand's representative that the Maybelline's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation is the best-selling among other fairly new releases could make the decision-making slightly bearable.

The Maybelline's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation was only released late last year, but data show just how it has amassed a loyal following in just a short period. It also proves that this brand sits at the top of the foundation empire, as per the November 2017 to April 2018 sales of the product in drugstore, food, and other discount retailers.

Long-Wearing, Matte Finish

"The SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation is Maybelline's first long-lasting foundation that provides up to 24 hours of high-pigment coverage," the rep said.

So aside from being a long-wearing makeup, which is perfect for long events, it is thick. This means that a little goes a long way unlike other brands that need to be applied generously just to achieve the desired look.

Furthermore, the official explained that the foundation avoids caking, a common problem with too much of this kind of cosmetics, while being able to conceal. It also boasts breathable feel and a matte finish.

The foundation sells for $12, not relatively cheap nor expensive compared to other cosmetics brand. Maybelline's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation comes in 16 shades, though it is joining the bandwagon of helping push for inclusivity, as it revealed that eight more shades will arrive in Ulta stores exclusively.

Maybelline has also another foundation line, Fit Me, that is cheaper, but the SuperStay differs at how long it will last. Some of the shades from the former line are available with the latter.

Word of mouth plays a very important role in advertising nowadays, so basically, the news could prove to be a great publicity for the drugstore brand. That means people who have actually tried the Maybelline's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation could easily do the marketing for the brand, which could be perceived as reliable because it is easier to believe a friend or a family member's testimony rather than what an ad says.

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