CoverGirl is the latest to hop on the bandwagon of incorporating delicious scents to its beauty products. The brand's latest creations will come in smelling like chocolate and peaches.

Most makeups are too colorful, rendering it hard for the owner to use the almost-perfect palettes. Some cosmetics, meanwhile, were designed and shaped to look like food, making it uber-hard to resist to eat. Colorful and good-looking makeups? Totally a combination that could all the more be the reason to buy the items.

But, what if these beauty products have an irresistible smell of something sweet and pleasing, like chocolates and peaches? It would be harder not to hoard these items. CoverGirl's newest creations involve makeups that are peach- and chocolate-scented.

Yup, this drugstore beauty brand is making this trend more affordable by bringing their products at a cheaper price than most luxurious brands that offer scented makeups. CoverGirl's releases are contour, highlighter, and eyeshadow palettes. More than that, there will be individual compacts of a bronzer, blush, and highlighter.

"The palettes are a playful take on the new neutrals for Summer, and can be mixed, matched, and layered with each other to create different effects," SVP of CoverGirl Ukonwa Ojo said.

Thanks to @Trendmood1, who is like the ultimate reliable source of cosmetics announcement, for some juicy info. Seven products have already been launched and the remaining products from the collection are expected to be dropped within this month at Walmart.

The first collection is called the Peach Punch, which includes a highlighter compact, a blush compact, and a highlighter palette. Needless to say, they smell like peaches, and they're the perfect set to get for summer. The Chocoholic, meanwhile, has more toned down hues. The colors play on the brown hues and have a chocolate scent.

Other Brands

Now CoverGirl isn't entirely a game-changer with scented makeups for a drugstore brand. Maybelline launched in March scented makeups that are timely as well: lemon-scented cosmetics. Dubbed as "Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette," it serves to fit the additional yellow shade in the palette.

Of the CoverGirl's products, it is inevitable, though, to have it compared to Too Faced's peach and chocolate-themed products. These were released last year and may have served as one of the first brands that popularized scented makeups.

Too Faced's packaging of its Chocolate Gold Palette was a total scene-stealer. The dessert-smelling palette had a super shiny gold container. Of course, the palette was filled with metallic colors.