The age-old question has yet another set of facts to consider. Just who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?

Wondering which shade suits your fancy best? Cool Blades has compiled a set of helpful facts to think about before you declare team blonde or team brunette:

General Tips

- Think about how people will perceive your new look. Make sure it matches the image you would like to portray.

- Ask your stylist for their honest opinion about your chosen color, they will tell you the truth.

- Look at your skin tone. Pale, rosy complexions should typically avoid warm tones. Darker olive complexions should typcially not go too light.

Benefits of Blonde Hair

- You can hide grey more easily than brunettes.

- If you have thin hair, your scalp will be less visible.

- Blonde tends to be more forgiving of skin imperfections.

Beneifts of Brunette Hair

- Unlike blondes, your hair won't go green from a dip in the pool.

- Freshly colored hair will be beautifully shiny.


- New blondes should ask for regular repairing treatments.

- Ashy cool blondes should use a good purple shampoo to maintain your hair's coolness.

- For brunettes, glossing treatments in a salon can help to maintain the sheen and radiance.

- Brunettes also make sure your eyebrows match your new hair color.

Which shade are you siding with? Tell us with a note below!