Too Faced's Born This Way Sculpting Concealer Super Coverage is getting a new look and a boost in its size, but fans will have to wait till June 26 to get their hands of this.

While these beauty products are still days before they get launched, Trendmood also got word, shared some of the looks, and even gave hints as to what the product does. Allure exclusively gave fans a glimpse of the multitasking Too Faced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer.

From the name of the product, it obviously promises maximum coverage. Too Faced's Elyse Reneau said that the Born This Way Sculpting Concealer is moisturizing as well.

"Not only is it full-coverage and long-wearing, but it's also incredibly moisturizing, so it won't get dry or cakey," she said.

Furthermore, it is pigmented. This means that a little of this product can prove to be ample. It has a creamy texture but remains to be smooth and not too slick unlike other concealers that also promises hydration.

Reneau suggested the Too Faced Born This Way concealer, the followup to the line's foundation, for those who are fond of selfies. Concealers can easily ruin a photo when these cause flashbacks, but fortunately for this Sculpting Concealer, one won't have to worry about taking photos anytime anymore.

But the more important factor to know about is its concealing skills, after all, it's what concealers are designed to do. Reneau shared that Too Faced's Born This Way Sculpting Concealer can hide "anything you don't want to show — dark circles, blemishes, pigmentation."

'Multi-Use' Concealer

With its name, the product gives justice to the word "multi-use." The product is a multitasking one, which can help save a lot of money for customers. Apart from hiding unwanted spots and discoloration, it doubles as a contour and a highlighter.

How is this so? Too Faced's Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer comes in 20 shades, and some of the tones can be used for contour and highlighting. The packaging comes in an angled foot wand, like those used in lip glosses, which will help make application easier.

While that may sound impossible, Reneau laid out a few guidelines as to how to do the tricks. As a contour, one needs to find the right shade, two to three shades deeper than the skintone to be particular, for a more natural finish. To use for highlighting, one just needs to look for the shade one to two tones lighter than the skintone.

More than these, Too Faced's concealer is more than the amount of what other brands offer. At first glance it may look like it's a foundation because of its size.