Lili Reinhart has always been seen with less makeup, as caught by paparazzis and even in rare public appearances, and recently, she spilled the details on her secrets.

Reinhart, who rose to fame for her role as Betty Cooper in the hit The CW series Riverdale, is casually spotted looking makeup-free, but it turns out she's just wearing an everyday, barely-there face. Luckily, she went all out on the things she used to achieve the glowy, radiant look through a few cosmetics.

The look will be perfect for lazy days, or grocery-shopping, or for women who just aren't fans of dark looks for everyday affairs. Reinhart bared her secrets to her signature look through a Vogue video that did not only reveal the products she uses, but also the quirks and antics behind the cherubic face.

Initially, the 21-year-old admitted that she has a breakout-prone skin and that's regardless of filming days or just during ordinary ones. So Reinhart first covered her acnes with a concealer while she already has her hair neat up in a bun.

Self-esteem Issue

Reinhart has been open about her breakouts, and she even candidly spoke about it on her Instagram Stories in May. The blonde actress then divulged she has had cystic acne since 12 and it caused a major issue on her self-esteem.

Furthermore, being an actress meant being put before a series of cameras, which she said she "had to put my biggest insecurity on display." That said Reinhart then revealed she was still not over this struggle and was hoping for the day when she'll finally be able to accept the skin she was blessed with.

More Cosmetics

Meanwhile, after her concealer, Reinhart opts to add a little warmth to her face by using a taupe-y for light contour which she graciously dabs near her cheeks. The light contour is then followed by a blush to give a rosy flush. For both powders she used, she tapped off, read: shake off, the excess before applying the brush to her face, an important step as per the actress.

Next, she used the Anastasia brow powder and just shortly did her eyebrows. Reinhart then said she used to commit the biggest mistake when it comes to eyebrows, which is to pluck, and apparently, the show's makeup artist told her it was wrong.

For the eyeshadow, she used the peach color. Then she opted for a dark brown above and below her lash line, a trick she learned from the set of Riverdale. After that, she curled her lashes, something that was scary for her because she had always imagined them sticking onto the curler because these had come out.

After which, she gets her mascara and lengthened the curled lashes. After her eyes, she gets her highlighter and just takes a little bit and dab it above her cheeks. She then takes her loose powder to set her makeup before finally choosing and applying a pinkish lipstick that is near to her natural lip color.