Here's How To Shape Your Face Using Blush

When it comes to blush, people think there's just one way to do it. However, there is a better way of applying this, and it is connected with one's face shape.

There is no right or wrong way of applying blush, whether on the forehead or below the cheeks, but as mentioned, where it is applied will greatly impact the overall look. Here are the ways to use blush according to the face shape:

Round Face

For those who have a round face shape, the goal here is to elongate the face by making an illusion with makeup, and in this case, the blush. To do this, apply the color just a wee-bit below the apples and onto the ear.

The pro-tip here is to never apply the product directly onto apple and toward the nose because it will ultimately make the face look rounder. The best blush to use is the matte instead of those shimmery or pearlized because these will reflect light that will give off a rounder appearance.

Heart Face

The key is to have the product applied in a "C" manner. This means putting the product most on the apples of the cheeks before extending it near the temples near the eyebrows. As heart-shaped faces tend to look pointy because of the chin, the goal is to soften out the edges by putting blush onto the middle of the forehead to balance with the chin.

Oval Face

Oval shape faces are the easiest to apply blush with. The blush can be applied directly in the middle of the cheekbones toward the ears. As much as this shape is flexible when it comes to the touch of color, it is important to avoid putting the product below one's cheekbones.

"People with oval-shaped faces tend to look best when the outer perimeter of the face is played up in order to fake a bit more width across the center of the face," Sarah Biggers, Clove + Hallow makeup artist and founder, said.

Square Face

People who have square face shape should opt to apply blush in the right places in order to soften the sharp jaws. The technique is to apply it onto the apples and outward to quiet down the angles. Unlike the round ones, the blush can be applied near the nose to give off a "nicely rounded but sculpted" cheeks.

Of course, there are loads of other techniques that one will tout as the best way to wear blush that are not included in this list. It would totally depend on preference, or whichever one finds the most flattering for every occasion.

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