Teen Transforms Her Struggles With Her Birthmark Into Something Inspiring Using Glitter Makeup


A teen from Denmark definitely knows how to slam those who poke fun at her for her birthmark that extends from her neck up to her jaw by making it even more beautiful with glitter makeup.

Most people find it hard to deal with the stares and bullying for what is unique to them, such as birthmarks. But for Olivia Holm Poulsen, an 18-year-old student, she is taking her creativity to embrace even more and celebrate her birthmark, which is what makes her stand out and what makes her her.

Support System

"I struggled with my self-confidence growing up, but as I grew older I also grew to love my birthmark. I realized it's part of what makes me unique," Poulsen said.

Thanks to her friends and family who have been supportive since day one, she built up the courage and confidence to brush off her insecurities. The teen further admitted that her loved ones have played a major role in accepting her uniqueness and all the more in encouraging her to celebrate it.

Birthmark Glitter Selfies

This started one day when Poulsen again experienced people laughing and pointing at her as if she was some kind of a rare species. Hurt and frustrated, the teen turned things around and decided that she won't let these bullies take over what's actually beautiful about her. She posted a photo of her covering her birthmark with metallic makeup, and since then, she had gone viral.

"I just found an old eyeshadow palette with glitter eyeshadows and thought it would look cool. It was my way of not letting them destroy my confidence," the teen explained.

Poulsen narrated how when she used to think that she needed makeup to look attractive and to hide her birthmark. Upon maturity, she finally learned that makeup is an important tool in highlighting what other people see as an imperfection on her instead of covering it up.

Power Of Social Media

Furthermore, she finally saw that there were many people who are different on Instagram, where she shared her first selfie with the glitter on her birthmark. Poulsen narrated how the people who used creativity to embrace their uniqueness inspired her to do the same.

Social media can be both a boon and a bane. It is a hot pot of peer pressure to look like this or that. But while this is true, it also is a place to meet other people who are struggling as well and have taken this to celebrate themselves even more.

In what she does, Poulsen aspires to help other people who are battling the same struggles as her every day to embrace their flaws and even highlight them, rather than cover them. The teen admitted she felt happy about the positive reaction she got, although there are still naysayers who manage to get to her at times. The bottom line is, she said challenges are the concept of beauty.

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