New Year's 2015 Makeup Tips: The Do's & Dont's For Sparkly Glitter

It sparkles, it shines, it creates dimension, movement, and we can stare at it for days. You guessed it, glitter is king when it comes to getting all dolled up for New Year's.

But just like with everything else, there is a right way, and there is a wrong way to wear this festive little texture. Che out our simple tips to keep in mind when you're applying your chosen shade of sequined makeup:

Do Think Outside The Box. You don't have to choose a typical silver or gold. We personally recommend trying something unexpected or super chic like the Color of the Year 2015 Marsala. So long as it compliments your outfit, any glitter goes because the shine will speak for itself.

Don't Play Up Every Feature. Bright glittery eyes, touches of glitter to accent skin or the lips means you have to tone down everything else. Let the sparkle take all the glory this time. You may want to do your signature red lipstick or bronzer, but this is a no-no once glitter comes into play. Stick to complimentary neutrals. 

Do Stick To One Color Family or Combo. The glitter rainbow is endless and it can be very tempting to choose each and every color you like, but for a look that makes sense and is easy on the eyes of others, we suggest two shades max to play with.

Do Remember Less Is More. Probably the biggest tip for glitter lovers everywhere, don't pile it on!

The pigment, on top of the shiny finish will ensure your look is bright and bold to begin with, so don't make your makeup scream and shout. Subtly is key. 

Don't Be Careless. Wearing glitter makeup may be all about feeling fun and carefree, but it's real hassle if this stuff gets in your eye. Avoid the pains of having to flush your eyeballs and rinse all your makeup off by using a little patience and a delicate hand.

Do Ensure You Have Fun! How can you not enjoy the most fun, shiny texture there is? Just like the ball that drops at midnight, light up your look with the prettiest glitter you can find!

Happy 2015!

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