After making makeup enthusiasts wait for months, the YouTube beauty gurus finally revealed their makeup collaboration product which they unveiled on their channels.

According to Glamour, the full products feature an icy skin frost highlighter and two Velour Liquid lipstick. The skin frost is a peachy highlighter that looks perfect with the matte lipsticks, the "cool-tone medium brown" Daddy and the burnt coral I'm Shook.

The skin frost is called Eclipse, which Manny explained is inspired from the lunar eclipse where the sun (Jeffree Star's logo) and the moon (his own logo) aligned, portraying their collaboration. For the lipstick's name Daddy, he said it was a fun name because people "call us daddy all the time online." While the name for I'm Shook came up as a fun phrase people use a lot online.

The packaging is a black and shiny box with both beauty influencers logos combination on it. Manny MUA's moon logo with Jeffree's signature star is such a perfect match.

On their Youtube channel, both makeup gurus, stated how excited they were to do the collab since both are friends in real life. Manny Gutierrez is not new in the makeup collaboration game and this is his fourth collab. Meanwhile, for Jeffree Star's brand, this is the first and Jeffree admitted it was such an honor to do it with someone he has a real relationship with.

The products will be available on Jeffree Star Cosmetics website with the bundle costs $50. There is also another option for separate product purchase with the skin frost highlighter for $29, and the lipsticks for $18 each. Another reason to consider the collab as a big deal is because for the first time ever, Jeffree's brand offers a discount code for the products. Anyone can get 10 percent discount using MANNYMUA for separate products purchase.