Sun is starting to come out, everyone starts to feel the heat of its rays. Summertime offers many reasons to be excited about.Everyone are doing many preparations for different activities during this season. Stay fresh this summer by following simple yet great advises on what kind of blush to apply.

According to Make Up the trick to pulling off blush the right way is finding the right blush for a  specific skin tone.   Having a fair skin might not be a problem when it comes to applying a blush. But, still, bear in mind that applying it correctly is still a must.  It is important to apply a light color that will enhance the glow and prevent the pale and sick look. So what colors are these? Soft pink, light coral, and peach suits in this type of skin because it will enhance the radiance of porcelain skin, but still the key is applying lightly, this will bring a natural glow.

Eighty percent of women are under in this category, the medium skin. In this tone, a bit similar shades for a fair skinned woman is right. Rich pink, warm mauve, and deep peach are quite good.  However right application still plays an important role in this type of skin.  

Choose bold and highly pigmented shades when having a darker tone. Deep fuchsia, warm brown, and tangerine are shades that are good for this kind of skin. These shades will reveal radiance and prevent washed out look.

According to Beauty Tutorials, it could be a challenge knowing how to choose the right blush for a certain skin tone.  And now that beauty blogs are giving information about the shades that suits for a certain tone, applying the right amount of blush will be the next step. And remember choosing the right brand and good quality is very important in using a blusher. The quality will affect on how long it will stay in the face. So always remember to find good quality and apply it perfectly to look fresh this summer.