Round faces are heaven-sent, afar from what a lot of people think. They can make one look younger and there are loads of haircuts they can try and listed here are three of the best haircuts.

While having a round face can sometimes make one rely on contouring so much to get their desired illusion, it doesn't need to be all that tedious. People can just leave it up to the hair to create the impression one is going for. Take it from some celebrities who have round faces, including Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, and Jennifer Lawrence, who have found themselves flattering haircuts.

Long Bob Or 'Lob'

Lobs had long been seen as a flattering haircut for round faces. For those who want to make their faces appear thinner, this is the way to go, hairstylist Amy Bradbury of Kennaland said. That said, long bobs should be below the chin, about 3 inches below.

It is also important to add some texture, definition, and life to the lob. Layers should do the trick as well as angular cuts. After all, the key here is to add length to the face. So for curls with the lob, it is generally OK as long as these are loose. This is best partnered with the side parting of the hair, but the middle parting works well, too.

But if one opts to have straight lob, they could use some side bangs to add angles to the round face. It also adds life and will appear the person to have longer face.

Mid-length To Long Layers

Mid-length layer haircuts lengthen round faces. To make the style more flattering, part the hair in the middle and add waves at the end to add volume and to lessen the attention on the cheeks. This is important because adding too much volume on the sides of the face can make the face appear rounder.

For a side part, it is best partnered with big, loose curls. However, those wanting to go with straight may do so by creating a soft and smooth illusion, like au natural.

Of course, while mid-length haircut would seem to be perfect for round faces, longer locks could also be a good fit for those who want to lengthen their faces. The illusion of a long hair would likely pull the face for an elongated appearance.

One can amp this up by having layers to add volume especially for those who have fine, thin hair. This should be done with the layers starting at the collarbone to get volume.

Pixie Cut

While the two haircuts seemed to have boxed in the face to achieve the desired look of a less-round face, a pixie cut could actually be suitable with round faces as well. It's a misconception that round faces should have their hairs covering half of the face just to make it smaller. The bold ones can also opt with the pixie cut, but with precautions.

If executed right, this haircut could also prove to be a big help in lengthening one's face. To do that, one needs to tap into hairstyling. Pixie cut can turn into fauxhawk, which ultimately elongates the face. The key here is to avoid stiffness, so hairstyling should be done properly. If one is not into fauxhawks, side bangs could be a big help. Round faces with pixie cut can be balanced with side fringes.