The former US Secretary of State got a special spot on the International Women's Day last week. Hillary Clinton got a major hair makeover and everyone was freaking out.

Hillary Clinton debuts her new blonde hair on Snapchat, where people could see her new pixie cut with bangs. Hollywood Life reported that Clinton posted a clip on Snapchat on March 8 while giving a quick speech on gender equality. The message included planned parenthood, education, healthcare, jobs and encouraged women to "stand up and resist, run for an office, be a champion."

Though the purpose of the Snapchat post was not exactly to show off her new hairdo, people's attention shifted to the hair instead. Hillary Clinton had short haircuts previously, but this recent hairstyle is totally different. The blunt bob makes her look younger, while the chopped fringe makes her look fresher.

She then made an appearance at Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards, providing more detailed angles for the new hair for people to see, as reported by Huffington Post. Clinton spoke about how women's voices are vital and crucial this time during an evening talk at the event wearing red as the official color of International Women's Day.

Refinery29 noted that Hillary Clinton is always aware of the effect her haircuts could create. She has said about it several times, including when she was giving a speech at Yale, saying that hairstyles can give a big impact on delivering a message and that people need to pay attention to their hair because "everyone else will."

The former First Lady has gone through several hair transformations, and all of them involve fresh, brave yet appropriate hairstyles. From the hair transformations compiled by InStyle, it turns out that even though Hillary Clinton has mostly seen with short or medium hairstyles, she once had a longer hairstyle back in the '60s when she was a student of Wellesley College.

Hillary Clinton's latest haircut finally added another list of celebrity recent hair makeovers. HELLO! Magazine reported that Kristen Stewart had just got her blonde shaved head, looking fiercer than ever, and Cara Delevingne got a new short platinum blonde hairstyle. Other celebs that are included in this list are Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde, and Selena Gomez.