Rihanna just dropped a major bomb. She reveals that new Fenty Beauty products are coming, which will give anyone the spice they need for this summer.

No more guessing games for fans of the Barbadian singer as she revealed the bombs in one go through Fenty Beauty's Instagram. All the goodies will be coming beauty junkies' ways starting July 6. Among the newly teased products, one of the standouts is the Moroccan Spice Palette that comes in purple geometric packaging.

Palette, Eyeliner, Eye Primer

This palette consists of 16 pigmented, bright hues of satin, metallic, and pearlized finishes. What's more special is that Rihanna allegedly "hand-picked" each color, so wearing one technically meant the singer helped one decide. There are bronze, purple, blue, peach, and all other deep colors typically anticipated of a Moroccan theme.

This newest creation has two more pans than the previously released Galaxy palette. Why she chose to infuse Morocco in her Fenty Beauty products is still unknown. She might have had fallen in love with the North African country during her visit in 2013. Rihanna was also spotted shopping at the street market, where she might have engulfed the rich colors she had seen that she now will highlight on her latest palette.

Along with the Moroccan Spice Palette is the Flyliner, a long-wear liquid eyeliner that comes in a rose gold shiny packaging, which the makeup maven herself teased through Instagram Stories. Another beauty product to be released by Fenty Beauty are the Pro Filt'r Eye Primer and two new brushes.

Pop-Up Shop

Itching to get the Moroccan Spice Palette? Fans can catch it earlier than the others by going to the Fenty Beauty pop-up shop in The Pennsy on June 27, at the Pearl Street Triangle on June 28, and at the Seaport District NYC on June 29.

Meanwhile, noticeably absent from the lineup is the white eyeliner Rihanna used in the Louis Vuitton show. She gained praise for the summery, fresh look during the event, and of course, her makeup artist divulged the secret for her look, sans the eyeliner she used on the 30-year-old singer.

With the newest products to be launched in July, it seems that the white eyeliner will remain a mystery. It could be another variation of the Flyliner that would be released soon, or it could be launched as a new product. There is still no word yet on this product but it will probably be announced soon, should it be another Fenty Beauty product.