Jon Snow's sexiness may be attributed to his hair, but sad news: Kit Harington, who plays the role in Game of Thrones, is planning of chopping his iconic mane.

While the sad fact that HBO's hit fantasy-drama series Game of Thrones has to end soon after eight seasons is still lingering in die-hard fans' minds and hearts, another sad news has come to add to the grief. Harington recently admitted that he will cut his hair short after the series.

Deviation From Character

Jon Snow will be no more after the series ends, as the actor who plays the role chooses to depart from the iconic hairstyle. Apparently, Harington wishes to deviate from the character's looks to make him "less recognizable."

"I'd like to step away and enjoy the obscurity, cut my hair, make myself less recognizable as the character, and go do and some other things with a completely new look and tone," Harington said.

He further hinted that he plans to cut it "short-short." By this, it might mean he will be surprising fans with never-before-seen hairstyle. In between seasons 5 and 6, people saw his shorter-than-usual-for-Jon-Snow hair.

That was the time when people were on the edge of their seats, awaiting if the character was really dead or not. Probably to amp up the excitement and speculations, the 31-year-old chopped his hair off.

While his future hairstyle is pretty blurry right now, he's clear on having it really short. So fans of Jon Snow may just have to reminisce the long hair by rewatching Game of Thrones.

What's more is that Harington will do the drastic move in thoughts of future projects. While he finds his role "brilliant," he said he can't don other films looking like Jon Snow. Thus the much-needed haircut once the show is over.

While Harington is planning on axing his long hair, he might have a hard time deciding on his iconic beard, which he admitted he fancied. Of course, Game of Thrones fans would know that the curly locks and the facial hair go hand in hand and make him Jon Snow.

There is still a tiny, minute silver lining, though, as all these remain a plan. Fans may have to wait until the filming of Game of Thrones is over to see if Harington pushes through with his plans. Fans will also have to wait and see if he will still have the gorgeous long hair on his wedding with his costar Rose Leslie on June 23.