"Game of Thrones" may not have a great track record for weddings, but that does not mean that its cast cannot hold on to hope that real life is less traumatizing. That being said, it has been rumored once again that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is marrying Rose Leslie (Ygritte), whose short-lived on-screen romance lasted longer in real life.

In a report published by Hollywood Take, it seems that the pair is considering getting married as soon as next year, considering how much they gush over each other in interviews - a recent one with TV Guide, for instance, had Leslie talking about how much she loves Harington.

This rumor, is to be taken with a grain of salt - late last year, there had been rumors of the pair being in the middle of a messy breakup, but neither of them confirmed that their relationship is on the rocks to begin with, although EnStarz noted that the pair have been dating on and off over the years.

Files seem to be eager for news regarding HBO's hit series though, and their interest in the Harington-Leslie pairing could be a small part of the bigger question: when is the series returning to the small screen?

As Mashable reported, HBO hasn't set a premiere date for the seventh season yet, and fans are already antsy, considering that the show usually premieres in the spring - and that is definitely not happening this time.

Liam Cunningham (Sir Daavos) may have accidentally spilled the premiere date though, when he mentioned in an interview that "It's July now, I think." Of course, the show has been known to be very secretive about the details of the series, so this could be another red herring from a cast member to throw fans off the scent of the actual premiere date. Who knows, Harington and Leslie might get married before winter arrives.