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Lush Is Launching The Turtle Jelly Bomb To Raise Awareness Of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution has become alarming more than ever and brands are aiding in combatting the issue. The latest of which is Lush, which launched its Turtle Jelly Bomb.

The newest release from the beloved brand is not just colorful and adorable, it is also for a good cause. The Turtle Jelly Bomb is released in hopes of raising environmental awareness, and what better way to inform people of the matter than through cute bath bombs.

Great Reminder

As one might have already pictured, the Turtle Jelly Bomb is shaped like the majestic creature. It is green in color and has blue spots on its shells, a perfect and cute resemblance to the animal. While it comes in colors and shape that undeniably make it uber-hard to resist, it also comes with a cause.

Lush's Turtle Jelly Bomb serves as a reminder that pollution has been adversely affecting marine life. It is timely released as well, as this is in conjunction with the World Ocean's Day.

Furthermore, the Turtle Jelly Bomb is a colorful and adorable reason to be wary of what's happening in the environment. As it gets released into the water, the scent of pine and sandalwood will easily put one in the relaxing mode. More so, the product is packed with agar seaweed that will float, a great and apt symbolism of the plastics that remain afloat in the waters, that is, those yet to be swallowed by the innocent animals.

This work of wonder from Lush has long been available in the United Kingdom, and now fans of the brand, as well as those who believe in saving the ocean, from the United States and Canada can now snatch the Turtle Jelly Bomb.

Other Efforts

Lush's work should be lauded, after a staggering number of creatures being affected by pollution has been rising more than ever. It was found out that more than 100 million sea creatures die every year, meaning they take the brunt of all this. Add to that, the numerous videos surfacing and making the rounds on the internet of sea creatures swallowing plastics are just too harsh to even look at.

The Turtle Jelly Bomb, which sells for $7.95, isn't just how Lush is aiming to tackle the pressing issue. The brand has also gone plastic-free in its Milan, Italy store, which will hopefully create a ripple effect in the industry.

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