Target has a Disney beauty collection that will surely please the kids-at-heart with its Mickey Mouse- and Minnie Mouse-themed products.

The discount store has some great finds if one just looked closer. One of the newest products that will surely delight Disney babies are their beauty products that were inspired by the classic characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Many might not know that Target has launched a Disney line and aficionados and hoarders should read carefully. Some of the products under the line include makeups, bath needs, and many more. The packaging is awesome as well and anyone who gets a hold of these red, black, and white products will be proud to display them.

Getting the Disney products will ultimately make anyone's beauty routine enjoyable. This collection is from the established brands in the market, including L'Oreal and Lip Smacker, so there's no harm in trying these.

The Disney line collaboration was in celebration of the birthday of everyone's beloved mouse, Mickey. L'Oreal has a lot of lipstick shades with some cute Mickey Mouse silhouette print. That's not all, there's also the famous brand's mechanical eyeliner with cute Disney prints at the handle, as well as the mascara that has a minimalist, barely there logo design.

Lip Smacker also came up with a series of lip balms that are, obviously, too cute to use! There's a set of four that has Mickey and Minnie designs for $5. Well, avoiding chapped lips has never been this stylish!

Taking impurities from the face will be far from boring as well. The charcoal face mask comes in a black and white stripes with Mickey print packaging that promises to lift dirt and oil for only $3.

Of course, while this is still on the topic of relaxation, a sure-fire way to enjoy baths is through the use of bath fizzies, commonly known as bath bombs. And Target is not at all clueless on that as it also has a Disney bath bomb from Junk Food on the shape of Mickey's head for only $3. Partner it with a red Mickey pouf that will help in exfoliation.

Bang-For-The-Buck Disney Products

If all these are not convincing enough, let it be said: these Disney products in Target are affordable. In short, buying these uber-cute and stylish products won't have to burn a hole in the pocket.

These bang for the buck products are perfect for thrifty girls who happen to be fans of Disney. What's more, the products looked unique and totally attention-stealer!