The public has anticipated so much of who will wear Princess Diana's iconic tiara next. Now, the public finally sees that her niece, Celia McCorquodale, has reworn the same sparkler for her wedding.

Though some people may have expected Meghan Markle to wear Princess Diana's tiara during her wedding with Prince Harry, it was actually the prince's cousin that got to do the honor of walking down the aisle with the all-important accessory on Saturday. The bride, who is the daughter of the Princess of Wales's sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, tied the knot with George Woodhouse.

People immediately noticed that Celia rewore the same tiara used by Princess Diana on her wedding day in 1981. The infamous sparkler, called the Spencer Tiara, was used by the deceased royalty when she exchanged vows with Prince Charles.

The Spencer tiara was called as such because it is owned by the Spencer family. It has also been showcased in different museum exhibits but what's with the public attention on the latest royal member of wearing Princess Diana's tiara? That's because this is the first time it was used publicly after the princess' death more than a decade ago.

Apart from Celia, Princess Diana's tiara was also worn by mom Lady Sarah and her aunt Lady Jane Fellowes, as well as Victoria Lockwood, Diana's brother's first wife. So basically the newly married royalty's move to rewear the Spencer tiara is expected.


It's traditional that a bride wears her family's tiara and after tying the knot, will finally borrow her husband's family's things. The same went for Princess Diana when she wed Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth II lent her the Queen Mary Lover's Knot tiara for her big day, but the Princess of Wales declined and instead opted for the Spencer tiara.

Even when she was already married to Prince Charles, she had worn more frequently the Spencer tiara, although she had also used some from her husband's family's collection. Reports said this is because the iconic tiara is lighter than the others.

While Princess Diana seemed to have shown her favoritism for her family's tiara, she also showed her fondness of the Queen Mary Lover's Knot sparkler in several occasions. Now people might still be wondering why former Suits actress Markle did not don the Spencer tiara and instead wore the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau.

This is simply because the tiara belongs to the Spencer family, so she as well as Kate Middleton could not wear it. Well, they could if Princess Diana's family would loan the iconic piece to them.