Princess Diana, in her days of being a royal, has been known as a fashion icon for the masses, but a controversial member of the Royal Family. This week, decades after her death, it seems that rumors and intrigues are still synonymous with her name, as her former lover, James Hewitt finally spoke up about their affair.

The biggest question he answered was a controversy already two decades old, regarding the parentage of England's favorite royal rebel, Prince Harry. In a recent interview, the former calvary officer insisted that no, he is not Prince Harry's father, adding that the speculation never laid down to rest because "it sells papers." He also expressed sympathy for the prince, saying that the rumors were probably worse for the royal.

This was seconded by the princess's former butler, Paul Burrell, who said that Hewitt can't possibly be Harry's father as the younger prince was already a toddler by the time she and Hewitt met. In a report by Metro UK, it seems that the princess and Hewitt met in 1986 when she asked him to be a riding instructor - the prince was born in 1984.

Hewitt was linked with the princess for five years that started soon as he instructed her with riding lessons at the Buckingham Palace. The New York Daily News reported that their affair lasted a full five years that ended in 1991 when he was called to serve the Gulf War and was just around the time that their affair was made public. However, at the time of Princess Diana's and Hewitt's affair, her husband, Prince Charles, was also seeing Camilla Parker-Bowles, whom he married soon after his divorce was finalized.

A subject of gossip and intrigue, Hewitt maintained that he didn't regret meeting Diana, saying that even though he regretted some of the things that had been caused by their affair, meeting her wasn't one of it. "I think she was quite easy to fall in love with really so I think I can be forgiven for that," he said.