After the success of their collaboration last year for a highlighter palette, it seemed that Becca and Chrissy Teigen are again cooking something glittery for their customers.

Teigen and Becca had been dropping hints this year of another collaboration, and though the duo has yet to spill the real deal, fans are starting to get a picture of what the next beauty product will be, thanks to the puzzle pieces left by the cookbook author. It was just in April when the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model first teased that she is brewing something up.

The 32-year-old then took to social media to share that she was back to work with Becca's team, majorly teasing that a new project is underway. The video showed Teigen being styled with a gold headband, so it might probably be something sparkly, glittery, and glowy, people guessed. The wife of singer John Legend did not say anything nor showed any product, but her caption revealed it was something related with cosmetics.

"Sneaky peaky!!!! Beautiful day with the @beccacosmetics team!" Teigen wrote.

Another Clue

While that "hint" left more questions than answers, the newest clue perhaps can shed more light on the new beauty product. On her Instagram Story, Teigen used her wit to kind of teased even more about the product whose name as of this writing is still kept under wraps.

"Oops! John might be the only one to see my nudes but I have something even better coming your way. Follow @beccacosmetics to be the first to know the deets!" Teigen posted.

The post came with a collage of a hand, thigh, and something glittery. Some speculate it will be a bronzing body glitter. While Teigen may have provided more clue, Becca Cosmetics' Instagram account also gave hint by uploading a closeup clip of a sparkly, glittery liquid product.

To amp up the hype, the brand even more teased that something "glowing" is coming everyone's way in the caption. It could be a body oil or a mist, but for the final word, both Teigen and Becca's camp have yet to release the official announcement. More so, a release date is not yet revealed.

While that product remains in the dark right now, people may just have to reminisce on the successful product of Teigen and Becca that is the Glow Face Palette. It consists of highlighters, a bronzer, and a blush.

Two shades of highlighter, Beach Nectar and Rose Gold, a blush in Hibiscus Bloom shade, and the bronzer in Malibu Soleil came in a marbled peach packaging.

 Something's GLOWING to you soon! Are you ready for it?  A post shared by  beccacosmetics (@beccacosmetics) on Jun 18, 2018 at 8:03am PDT