London Fashion Week Men's Shines A Spotlight On 'Pregnant' Male Models

Designers during fashion shows try their hardest to showcase their works of art. However, in the recent London Fashion Week Men's, something became the talk of the town more than the pieces: "pregnant" male models.

Scooch over, hunk models. Here come the "pregnant" male models the public got to see recently. While designers have been showcasing their pieces of late, it was Xander Zhou's show on Monday that hooked viewers and the online world.

It wasn't particularly Zhou's creations that got everyone talking, but his models that walked the runway with fake pregnant bellies. Stoic and poker faced, the models strut their stuff like how they usually do in catwalks, sans the big bellies that were hard to miss.

Some were even holding their tummies a la Beyoncé in her maternity shoots, cradling their precious bumps, while other male models just graced the catwalk with their outfits purposely scrunched up above the tummy to show their big bellies.

What It Meant

While the models may look like they were showcasing beer bellies, one model who wore a white shirt seemed to hint that they were actually donning fake pregnant bumps. "New World Baby," the shirt read. As to what this show could mean, the brand let off quite a message that can be interpreted in too many ways.

"At Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co., we're prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy," the brand explained.

The fashion world seems to start a fondness in showcasing pregnant models. Zhou wasn't the first one who highlighted pregnancy, but it is the first one for men's. From Glossier to Eckhaus Latta, they have embraced and celebrated the wonders of pregnancy, but the Chinese designer obviously could level with Eckhaus Latta, which started to gain buzz after a pregnant woman modeled for the brand with an exposed tummy last year.

Online Reaction

Of course, Zhou had gained a lot of reactions from the internet since photographs of the models were shared. To be specific, his move got a lot of detractors, with some saying they don't understand what's happening while some downright said they were not a fan of what the designer was trying to pull off.

Clearly, many people did not take the show too well. Others simply found it hard to comprehend. It's not the only thing that's kind of getting traction from his show. There was also a model who wore an olive trench coat. Nothing unusual at first, it seems. At his back, however, was an umbrella-like structure that has six hands that served as its skeleton.

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