The English fashion model, Jodie Kidd, is looking fit as always. She is known for living a healthy lifestyle, and actively promoting fitness and sport activities. Her love for car racing is not a secret anymore, following the offer to be the presenter of "Top Gear", which later she turned down, as noted by the Telegraph.

According to The Irish Independent, in 2015, Jodie Kidd collaborated with an Irish female sportswear for their workout range. The project was aimed to combine the fashion angle with the high-performance function.

Jodie Kidd opened up to HELLO! Online about her anxiety back when she was still active in the modeling industry. Kidd had to quit her modeling career and move to the countryside to recover. She revealed that exercise was the most effective help for her to heal.

She announced earlier this year that she is now the UK ambassador for Fitbit, which supports her love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Jodie Kidd proved it by climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro last year and is planning to cycle from London to Edinburgh in 50 hours with Fitbit.

When asked about her motivation to stay fit, Jodie told the Telegraph that she tries to "get to the gym four to five times a week if [she is] working towards something." Kidd admitted that sometimes she struggles to find the motivation to workout, therefore she makes an effort by thinking about how fitness affects her physically and mentally.

According to Women's Health, Jodie Kidd starts her day with a glass of green juice, combining fruits, vegetables and powder. Kidd is also known for her Alkaline Diet, where she cuts down on "food that forms acid in the body", such as sugar, processed food and alcohol.

To provide the healthy green supplement, Jodie Kidd grows her own vegetables and herbs in her own yard. Meanwhile, she gets her organic meat supplies from the local sellers.

Kidd admitted that she used to live less healthy, consuming fast food such as burgers and pizza. As Jodie grows older, she learns what is good for her body and starts living the healthy lifestyle.

Watch an interview with Jodie Kidd on her healthy lifestyle to keep herself fit as a mother: