Alexa Chung’s Signature Hairstyle: Parted Fringe

Alexa Chung is famous for her unique style. From the chic street style to her casual red carpet look, the model turned TV host knows how to present herself, which makes her one of the most iconic people in the fashion industry, resulting in her winning the British Fashion Award three times in a row.

Besides her distinctive style, Alexa Chung is also known for her signature hairstyle. Even when she is having a different haircut and style, the British fashionista is always seen with her parted fringe, as reported by Vogue.

The parted fringe suits her face shape and her fashion style perfectly. Alexa Chung got a large forehead and a long face shape. The fringe gives the illusion of a smaller forehead to balance her face, while parting it and keeping the hair on the sides longer make her face looks slightly more oval and softer, according to Beautyeditor.

Alexa Chung's signature parted fringe can be worn by women with similar face shape and features, according to Primped. The fringe needs to be cut regularly, at least every two weeks, to keep it below the eyebrows without covering the eyes. To give the effortless effect similar to Chung's, simply keep the longer parts of the fringe to the side with light touches, instead of parting it in the middle to avoid look over done.

Without making the parted fringe look intentional, as well as letting the hair appear to be mildly messy, the hairstyle would complement her casual and chic yet casual fashion style and personality. According to InStyle, Alexa Chung normally styles her signature fringe in various ways, from casual updos to the wavy short bob.

In addition to the signature parted fringe and quirky fashion style, Alexa Chung usually wears simple, subtle makeup. To imitate the British fashion icon's complete look, wear winged eyeliner with a bright lipstick color, and try not to put on too much facial makeup like blush or contour.

To see the tutorial on how to recreate Alexa Chung's signature parted fringe hairstyle, watch the video here:

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