Jeffrey Campbell Has A Shoe For Every Body Type

More and more brands are starting to take note of what should have been done long ago, making products for all sizes. This time, Jeffrey Campbell is making sure his shoes will be for everyone.

The frustrations in finding the perfect pair of shoes couldn't be underlined hard enough. Of course, finally setting one's eyes on a beautiful design doesn't mean the search is over. After the aesthetics will pass one's standards, the right size should be available. But the embodiment of the word "perfect" in the search for a pair doesn't end there.

The real test comes when one tries on the pair and sees how it doesn't fit properly. Boots, for example, are hard to snatch because there are times when it just won't fit the calves. It is irritating, to say the least, that when one finally gets the right size and design, it just won't zip up properly. Campbell's newly launched shoes that are size-inclusive are of a big help in addressing these issues.

Collaboration With Model

In collaboration with La'Shaunae Steward, the 21-year-old Instagram-famous for being an advocate of body positivity and is a plus-size model, Campbell released a wide-ranging sizes of shoes during the weekend.

"The collection, which includes 3 wide shaft boots and 2 wide fitting sandals, was designed with the hope that we can begin to help more women put their best foot forward," the website says.

These shoes are available for $125 to $235. The idea first came about when Steward told Campbell's creative director Sanam Sindhi the struggles in finding boots that will fit her. The latter then thought that this will be a great opportunity not just to address the oftentimes unnoticed issue but to also celebrate her being an "underappreciated" model.

"So many brands never care about their fat customers. Most plus-size stores have the ugliest clothes and wide-fitting shoes," Steward further stressed.

Furthermore, she said that it was "amazing" that Campbell, which she has grown up to love, is trusting her and acknowledging her. The shoes come in eye-popping colors that will ultimately get anyone's attention, as well as the classic color black. The collection was first announced in April, with Steward explaining she used to shop in thrift stores because most brands seemed to be "fatphobic."


People may find Steward familiar because she went viral last year. An ordinary mirror selfie was turned into a meme which mocks her for her weight and her shirt. But while some sick people poke fun at her, a lot of people rushed to her defense. Since then, the Instagram model started to use the platform as an avenue to champion body positivity and to serve as an inspiration.

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