Shoe Lovers Beware: Doctors Say Flat Shoes Cause Just As Much Damage & Foot Pain As High Heel Pumps


Heels are always the shoes that get the most flack for damaging our feet, but now flats are in for a little bit of shoe bashing now too!

When it comes to the battle between choosing heels over flats, a new report suggests flats can do just as much damage, if not more!

Doctors are now warning women that flats can trigger just as much pain and irritation as those beautiful, yet back-breaking, blistering pair of sky high heels.

This comes as a shock for many women, especially those who carry a pair of trusty flats to change into when their feet tire out of their stilettos or pumps.

When you wear flats everyday, physicians say you can develop a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis. "Flat shoes can create an influence on the arch, and a change in the stability of how the foot functions, explained podiatrist Dr. Robert Maccabee to Fox News.

On average, 1 in 10 women will develop the condition. And once you get it, it can be very painful.

"Long term consequences can be a change in the positioning of the bone structuring of the foot. It creates more of a change to develop bunions, digital deformities, hammer toes, and arch complaints," Dr. Maccabee continued.

And the solution to this painful foot condition? Sadly more pain, as doctors often have to break the foot bones to realign and correct the various disorders that flat shoes are said to trigger.

So what's a shoe-loving gal to do?! Doctors say look for shoes that have laces or have Velcro, as these shoes tend to be the most supportive

to do stretching exercises, soaking the feet in warm water and Epsom slat can sometimes also help," the physician suggested

the best tip of all for fashion lovers, try to change up your shoe a often, which means including a pair of heels or two.

Suffer from flat shoe foot pain? Tell us with a note below! 

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