What's the Most Important Curve on a Woman's Body? Expert Says Pay Attention to Foot Arch Pain

We've got a question for all you beauty junkies out there:

What's the most important curve on a woman's body?

*Hint, It's not what you think...

Having a booty like J. Lo may be a curve many woman aspire to (check out our two-part story on the rising popularity of butt injections here), but one of the most important curves on a woman's body is actually the one on the arch of her foot.

Foot health is not only important for everyday walking comfort, it has to do with keeping legs, knees and backs pain free as well.

Women everywhere love them, but heels can sometimes do just as much damage as they do in making our feet look fabulous.

Stilettos are considered by many physicians to be the "arch enemy" of feet. But what many people don't know is that summer's footwear staple, the flip-flop, is also an offender.

Most flip-flops cause feet to flatten, going against their natural form/curve, resulting in plantar fasciitis and leg pain.

According to Phillip Vasyli, leading podiatrist and Vionic Shoes founder, proper arch support is a must have.

Shopping for your summer shoes? Consider this expert's line. Vionic shoes are the only sandals recommended by both the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and America's leading wellness doctor, Andrew Weil, MD. These flip-flops are actually good for you!

Vasyli designed his shoe line with Orthaheel Technology to prevent over-pronation- a common problem for all people from marathon runners to pregnant women. Dr. Weil endorses the Vionic with Orthaheel Technology line and values their styles due to the Orthaheel motion control technology, deep heel cup and arch support.

So what to look for in your next pair of summer sandals?

"When shopping for sandals one of the most important things is that you have arch or orthotic support (countering under arch) that has full contact with the foot," Vasyli explained.

"Unlike flat shoes that cause feet to spread against their natural position and stretch out feet tissues (a cause of plantar fasciitis), proper arch support in sandals will keep lower legs in their natural position and reduce pain."

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