Ladies, flip-flop season is upon us, but unfortunately these airy styles can be the culprit of foot and body pains from stubbed toes to joint misalignment. 

So you can enjoy this beloved footwear favorite, free of foot pain and problems, Australian podiatrist and founder of Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Phil Vasyli and leading wellness guru, Dr. Andrew Weil have offered us a few shopping tips and their picks for the best flip-flops for both women and men.

Choose Flip Flops that Bend Only in the Ball of the Foot

Most flip flops lack any kind of structure/support for the foot, which can cause foot fatigue and arch aches. A supportive flip-flop bends only where you need it to bend when walking, in the ball of the foot. "This minimal flexibility indicates the proper balance, arch support, and alignment for healthy feet," explained both Dr. Andrew Weil and Phil Vasyli.

Get the Correct Size

Fit is vital for comfort and safety! Make sure to wear sandals that are the correct size, make sure the heels or toes do not hang over the edges. When heels or toes hang off the edge of the sandal sole, this can cause cuts, stubs and trips. Incorrect fit also creates an unnatural gait (walking pattern); this forces the body to compensate, creating stress first at the feet and up to the legs, hips and lower back.  

Look for the APMA Seal of Acceptance

Make sure that your flip flops have the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) seal of acceptance which means they provide proper foot support and promote good foot health. One such line is Vionic with Orthaheel Technology, created by podiatrist Phil Vasyli and endorsed by Dr. Weil personally.

Make sure there is Proper Arch Support

"When shopping for sandals one of the most important things is that you have arch or orthotic support (countering under arch) that has full contact with the foot," said Phillip Vasyli. Unlike flat shoes that cause feet to spread against their natural position and stretch out feet tissues (a cause of plantar fasciitis), proper arch support in sandals will keep lower legs in their natural position and reduce pain.

Replace Worn Out Flip Flops

Many flip-flops are built of inexpensive and thin rubber, which can wear and crack after a short amount of time. Make sure there is not a deep foot indentation on the sole and the toe post is secured. To prevent quick wear and tear, look for a flip-flop that has a thick sole to begin with and is made with quality materials.

What kinds of flip-flops are your fave to wear? Tell us with a note below!