New Year's is right around the corner! Bring on the glitz, glam, all-night parties, and those mile-high heels you've just been aching for a reason to wear. But of course, beauty is often at the expense of pain. Shoes so gorgeous often do a brutal number on our feet, but this clever little solution just might be your New Year's Foot Resolution.

Ever had your foot slip out of your high-heeled shoe? Ever tripped in public because your heel won't stay in place? Sticky Shoes is your solution to saying goodbye to the "Fall of Shame."  With the holiday party season among us, lots of women can be spotted dressed to impress in their little black dresses and sexy stilettos. Sticky Shoes will help every fashionistas walk in confidence at any soiree without worrying about wobbles, tumbles and wipeouts!

So whom do we have to thank for this newly launched innovation? In January of last year, the brand tells us the cute story of company president, Lindsay, who was set to wed husband Matthias. Lindsay was planning to walk herself down the aisle in a long heavy lace gown and 5-inch heels. Terrified that her daughter would not remain upright, mother Barbara set out on a mission to find something, anything that would keep Lindsay's feet in her high heels. There was nothing! Barbara then came up with Sticky Shoes. After several different prototypes were created and tried, the savvy inventor finally created the secret recipe with just the right amount of stick, hypo-allergic and latex free substance to hold one's foot firmly in their shoes. With Sticky Shoes in her 5-incher's, Lindsay remained upright all night long. Sticky Shoes was born and trademarked right then and there.

"We have a solution to an everyday problem all women encounter," Lindsay Steele Kleinsasser, Founder and President of the brand explained. "Sticky Shoes is a game-changer. It's addicting! Use it once and you will never walk in heels without it again."

Sticky Shoes are easy to use, stay in place, hypo-allergenic, discreet application, and they're safe for everyday use. Ladies, you will be able to confidently strut your stuff on life's catwalk, shake your moneymaker on the dance floor, and generally remain upright while looking fabulous, day and night with these babies.  Simply place one adhesive strip on the heel portion of the insole of each shoe, put your shoes on, and step out the door with confidence and show the world the new you! Easy and done.

Visit to purchase a set for just under $10 to pair with those mile-high heels!

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