Lauren Bacall
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Lauren Bacall
This week we honor classic beauty, Lauren Bacall. Having recently asked away just last week, the world is both morning and celebrating the famed career of this Hollywood legend. Born in New York City, this native Bronx girl became a hug part of Tinseltown's Golden Age.
Merle Oberon
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Merle Oberon
This week, we honor classic beauty Merle Oberon. A famous actress of the late 1930's, Oberon was a both beautiful and talented. She is known for both her gorgeous good looks as well as her performances in a Withering Heights as well as her Academy Award nomination for her role in Dark Angel. O...
Jackie Kennedy Onassis
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Jackie Kennedy Onasis
This week, we honor classic beauty, Jackie Kennedy Onassis. An icon of style, beauty, and grace this former First Lady was a part of the Camelot Era during the 1960's. Married to JFK, Jackie Kennedy embodied the effortless style and beauty needed to live in the spotlight of the public eye. Pro...
Tina Turner
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Tina Turner
This week we honor classic beauty, Tina Turner. Considered to be the queen of rock n roll, Turner has had a music career that has spanned over fifty years. Her hits are numerous and have earned her a total of eight Grammy awards. Her sold out concerts have put her in the history books, and with o...
Tippi Hedren
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Tippi Hedren
This week we honor classic beauty, Tippi Hedren. Etched into cinematic history, Hedren was the elegant blonde starlet that was cast on the legendary thriller The Birds. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the film was Hedren's silver screen debut, and would later cause a storm of controversy as well.
Vivien Leigh
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Vivien Leigh
This week we honor classic beauty Vivien Leigh. Known for her iconic and still legendary role as Scarlett O'Hara in the epic Hollywood film Gone with the Wind, Leigh was a British actress playing a Southern belle during the tumultuous time of the American Civil War. The performance won Leigh an...
The Ronettes
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauties, The Ronettes
This week we honor classic beauties, The Ronettes. Pioneers within the music industry during the 1960's, our modern-day girl bands must give props to this legendary trio from back in the day. The Ronettes were not only one of the first girl groups, but they also represented the multicultural a...
Marlene Dietrich
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Marlene Dietrich
This week we honor classic beauty Marlene Dietrich The German born beauty first rose to fame in her native country and then quickly became just as famous in the US. Nominated for an Academy Award and considered a style icon, Dietrich broke barriers and was full her innovative beauty secrets on sc...
Ruby Dee
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Ruby Dee
This wee we honor classic beauty, Ruby Dee. As the world mourns the recent loss of this iconic figure, we celebrate her and add this gorgeous star to our famed beauties that make up our beloved Thursday Throwbacks. An actress, activist, writer, and part of the dynamic duo that was her marriage...
Mia Farrow
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Mia Farrow
This week we honor classic beauty Mia Farrow. The actress first rose to fame thanks to her role on popular soap opera Peyton's Place. Her notoriety grew after she married the legendary Frank Sinatra. The actress would go on to star in many films and became a proud supporter of UNICEF as well. ...
Michelle Pfeiffer
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Michelle Pfeiffer
This week we go or classic beauty Michelle Pfeiffer as our Thursday Throwback. A gorgeous Hollywood actress, Pfeiffer has played in many films including her notable roles in the move Scarface and of course as one of the baddest felines to ever catch Batman's eye as Catwoman in Batman Returns. Nom...
Pam Grier
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Pam Grier
This week, we honor classic beauty, Pam Grier. The first African-American woman to be the lead in an action film, Grier was a popular actress during the 1970's, appearing in many blaxploitation films. Her killer good looks and dare devil persona were an instant box office hit.
The Andrew Sisters
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauties, The Andrew Sisters
This week we honor classic beauties, The Andrew Sisters. In honor of Memorial Day, we celebrate this fabulous singing trio. Known for their iconic version of the patriotic hit Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, these sisterly songbirds were a household name during the 1940's thanks to their beautifully mel...
Tsai Chin
Throwback Thursday: Classic beauty, Tsai Chin
This week we honor classic beauty, Tsai Chin. A pioneering actress, Chin was one of the first Asian actresses to successfully penetrate Hollywood and become a notable star. Chin, also known as Irene Chow, appeared in many notable plays and films, including James Bond: You Only Live Twice.
Dolly Parton
Throwback Thursday: Classic beauty, Dolly Parton
This week we honor classic beauty, Dolly Parton. Known for her talented voice and iconic curvaceous figure, Dolly Parton is considered country music royalty. With several Grammy Awards for her music, the star has also been inducted into the music Hall of Fame and is a noteworthy actress having st...
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