Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Jane Fonda

This week we honor classic beauty, Jane Fonda.

This iconic leading lady of Hollywood has had a legendary career in Tinseltown. Belonging to a prestigious acting family, this starlet is the proud owner of not one, but two Academy Awards, has starred in well over 30 films, and is the queen of health and fitness with tons of videos and books on how to stay in shape. Now in her seventies and gorgeous ever still, Fonda definitely has her own beauty secrets to the fountain of youth.

With a career that has spanned decades, many have been after Fonda to reveal what keeps her looking so great in the face of time. One of her secrets is said to lie in her signature haircut, known as the shag.

"This is her signature look," said stylist Matthew Shields to InStyle. "It works on pretty much everybody." Shags are nearly the same length all over (Jane's is about three inches) with a little extra length in the back. "You just have to work out how long you want to leave it." Looking to try Jane's style on for size? The mag stresses to get the length right. Too long, and you can venture into mullet territory, and too short, your hair can resemble a Koosh ball. Style hair and leave just enough to provide some framing around your neck.

But what tips does Fonda have to offer up herself? Check out the beauty advice she shared with Forbes:

Treat Aging Like A Staircase. "We need to revise how we think of aging," Fonda said. "The old paradigm was: You're born, you peak at midlife, and then you decline into decrepitude. Looking at aging as ascending a staircase, you gain well-being, spirit, soul, wisdom, the ability to be truly intimate and a life with intention."

Consider Cosmetic Surgery. Fonda has gotten an eyelift and work done to improve her jawline and has no regrets. "I felt pretty terrific, but I always looked tired," she told Forbes. "I got tired of not looking like how I felt."

Beauty Sleep is Essential. "Deep sleep is important throughout the life span, but it is essential when we are older," Jane explained. And of course the star is spot on with this tip, as the benefits of a good night sleep go a long way for skin.

And of course the star attributes staying healthy and fit to her youthful appearance. Check out what products Jane keeps in her beauty bag in the video below and let us know what you think!

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