Shouldn't every beauty junkie also be a sleeping beauty? We worry so much about our looks during the day, but what about those crucial hours where rest is the best way to recharge our beauty regime? Are you doing everything to maximize that shuteye? Here are few tips to keep in mind where you're ready to call if a night.

Makeup off - Your face should be a blank canvas when you're ready to go to sleep. Try never to sleep with any makeup on. Cleanse the skin to remove any impurities or oils that can clog pores and cause you to wake up to unwanted blemishes. Use a night cream or moisturizer to keep skin hydrated, helping skin to recharge while you sleep.

Heat things up - A warm shower before you go to bed is a great way to set the mood for sleep. Coming out of a warm shower into a cooler room causes the body's temperature to slightly decrease, which triggers the natural preparation to fall asleep. The body is ready to slow down and relaxes, helping to ease you into a blissful night of slumber.

Invest in your bedding - Silk pillowcases and bedding with a thread count higher than 400 are ideal ways to maximize comfort and ultimately your sleep. If your skin is sensitive, opt for white sheets, as the dye from colored fabrics can unknowingly irritate skin.

Lights out - Create room free of lights from TV, cell phone chargers, cable boxes, computers, and light from outside. Keeping your bedroom as dark as possible helps the body to rest better and produce more melatonin, a sleeping agent that also helps to slow down the aging process.

Sleep on your back - Becoming a back sleeper can help skin stay wrinkle-free longer. Sleeping on your side can cause premature wrinkles and unwanted pillow creases in the skin. Sleeping on your back can also help alleviate lower back and neck pain.

How do you get your beauty sleep? Let us know in the comments below.