This week, we honor classic beauty, Marion Davies as our Thursday Throwback.

Get into the Gatsby spirit with this real life flapper goddess. A native of Brooklyn New York, Marion changed her last name from Douras to Davies early on in life, as she was determined to do whatever she could to make it onto the big screen. She soon would exchange small time local productions for a career in the era's widely popular genre of silent films, and team up with a wealthy boyfriend who would back her dreams and help place Davies' name in lights.

Considered one of the eras 'it girls,' Marion's many starring roles during the 1920's made her a trendsetter and makeup motivator among her fans. The silent film era helped to make makeup mainstream, with the popular actresses of feature films leading the way in what beauty trends woman wore.

Marion's hair and makeup looks are iconic and have been made popular again, thanks to the recent Great Gatsby movie remake starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. To properly rock this style, hair is kept cropped and short in a cute bob cut, accented with dramatic waves, stylish hats, or ornate headpieces. Makeup is all about the drama. Films were black and white during this time, so pale foundations, dark eyeshadows and bold lip colors were used to pop off the silver screen. Here's now to steal Marion's movie magic:

For an authentic, yet modern take on the 1920's makeup style, start off by creating a flawless base with foundation and concealer. Then focus attention on eyes and lips. Make those peepers pop with dark shades, using your smoky shadows to emphasize the crease of the lid. Opt for gorgeous grays and sassy silvers. Mascara is a must and instead of rocking the thin long brows of the era, simply groom and fill your own as needed.

When it comes to lips, get ready to pucker up. Recreate this throwback look by drawing your liner onto the top lip, rounding the center into a cupid's bow, named for fellow flapper and 20's silent film star, Clara Bow. Choose from deep, dark and rich shades of red or plum to maximize your Marion.

Check out the fun hair and makeup tutorials below and let us know if you're ready to go Gatsby by leaving us a note.